There is nothing quite as emotionally jarring as suddenly losing a loved one to wrongful death. Wrongful death is described as death caused by a company, product or person who has shown negligence or misconduct. Although this type of unfortunate situation can happen anywhere, common cases that go to court include airbag detonation in minor car accidents, medical malpractice, intentional violence, defective products and death on a construction site or in the workplace. The unexpected tragic loss takes a huge toll on the deceased's loved ones. At Dennis H. Boothe, we understand we can't take that pain away. However, we can help to get you the compensation you need to handle expenses.

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When someone dies unexpectedly, bills quickly begin to pile up, usually in the form of medical bills and funeral expenses. If the deceased was the main breadwinner in a household, things can become even more dire as the family loses future earnings, pension and retirement funds. In some cases, a lawyer can argue on your behalf for compensation due to pain and suffering, loss of a companion or for punitive damages. Of course, there is no dollar amount that can take away the grief you feel when you lose a loved one, but having the money you need to survive will allow you the time you need to grieve. Our attorneys always act with kindness and compassion during tough situations such as these. Our goal is to provide as much relief for you as possible.

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