California leads the nation in deaths related to bicycle accidents.

Bike accidents account for more than four percent of all deaths on the road. In many cases, the crash occurs because the driver of the automobile turned at an intersection without checking for a cyclist first. Other causes include opening car doors into the path of a biker or rear-ending or side swiping one as he or she tries to merge to make a left turn. If you have suffered serious injury due to driver negligence, you need a bicycle accident attorney in Southern California. Dennis H. Boothe, Attorney at Law has been getting people the compensation they deserve for more than 25 years.

Our Lawyer Also Helps With Pedestrian Injury Incidents

Bicycle Accident — Attorney in Paramount, C
Cyclists aren't the only ones in danger on the road. About 40 percent of all car crash fatalities in the Los Angeles area are pedestrians. The city has the second-highest pedestrian crash rate in the nation. Accidents involving pedestrians often occur because drivers run red lights, do not stop before they reach the crosswalk or turn without paying attention to pedestrians coming across the street, although sometimes the issue is jaywalking.

Dennis H. Boothe acts as a pedestrian injury attorney to assist clients with receiving compensation for medical bills, loss of wages and emotional trauma.

When you have fractured bones, a head injury, road rash or serious internal injuries because of your crash, medical bills pile up quickly. Our lawyer may be able to assist you if you have suffered a pedestrian injury or cyclist injury in the Los Angeles area.

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